Friday, 17 July 2009

Internal Ultrasound

Yesterday I had my internal ultrasound. Again, it was at the gynaecology ward of the hospital, so I was surrounded by large bellies and excited couples. I imagine this would be very difficult for many.

It was a little bit disconcerting, sitting there half naked with my legs hoisted up to the ceiling while the doctor was asking me about my medical history. It also didn’t help that the technician was new and couldn’t find my uterus or my ovaries. For a while there I was convinced I didn’t even have a uterus, which had me shaking with nerves on the cold chair.

But in the end, my uterus and my ovaries passed this superficial test. They exist, there is no endometriosis visible, and my left ovary has a bunch of immature follicles that are competing for dominance on this CD6.

I asked the doctor if I could get a copy of the images. He looked completely baffled. He said “why, to show your family?”, like I was going to post my grandmother a photo of my empty uterus. So I just told him that I liked to keep a copy of all my medical records. He didn’t give me any images, but I did manage to wrangle a copy of the report.

As for the results of all our other tests? We do not find out until August 12. I called up the Fertility Centre and they only discuss the results in person, during the consultation appointment. They do not release the results before then.

This is very frustrating. I like to do my own research on the implications of the data, but instead we have a single meeting with the head of the centre to discuss strategy where he is holding all the cards. I know that all the information we need about our own bodily fluids is just sitting in a file someone, and I am unable to access it.

So more waiting and waiting for us.

My insides:
Position: ante
Dimensions: L:53 A-P:26 T:32

Imaging: clear division
Structure: intact

Right Ovary
Imaging: visible
Morphology: Normal
Limitation: Regular
Size: 31
x 23
x 18
Volume 6.7

Left Ovary:
Imaging: visible
Morphology: Normal
Limitation: Regular
Size: 30
x 30
x 17
Volume 8.0