Thursday, 26 November 2009

IUI#2 Day 3

Three days ago.

"An exciting day today, yes?" The nurse asked me while taking my blood.
"Well, it is a rainy day" I answered. I didn't have the heart to tell he that I had already taken a home pregnancy test and recieved a negative result. She just seemed so excited, and then so disappointed when she called me at 4:02pm to tell me the result.

But the good thing is we can sneak in another IUI before everything closes for Christmas. This time I was randomised to Clomid, so fewer injections but perhaps more side-effects.

They are going to start monitoring me earlier, as I responded very quickly to the stimulation last time. My first ultrasound is next Tuesday, December 1.


Today is day 3, my endometrium is at 3.05mm, I have no ovarian cysts, my bloodwork looks good, so we have the green light.

We have one last chance for a positive pregnancy result in 2009.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

12dp IUI

Here's how my first IUI cycle went down:

CD2-CD7: 75 IU Menopur. Despite having my wonderful husband to do the injections, they get slightly more painful every day. I am grateful that Mel's book recommends a warm compress, which is a great comfort to my sore belly. Frustratingly, both the Menopur and Pregnyl here in Europe come in these fragile glass ampules that need to be snapped in half to access the powder or solution. This makes the mixing process even more fiddly and difficult.

CD8: Right ovary: several small follicles around 8mm. Left ovary, one large follicle at 15.5mm. I am very happy that the dominant follicle turned up on the side with my good tube. We continue with 75 IU Menopur. They call me to come in again the next day.

CD9: Left ovary follicle now measures 18.6mm, my endometrium measures 7.6mm. It is still strange to see my uterus clammed shut, so used to seeing open pictures on the web. They call me that afternoon, want me to do the trigger that night and come in the next morning for the IUI, which means that I must have started ovulating too soon. Trigger at 11pm.

CD10: Our IUI is scheduled for noon, but doesn't happen until 12:40. My poor bladder is so close to bursting it is all I can think about. The midwives leave us waiting in the room to the sounds of "Eternal Flame" and "My Heart will go On". I lay there, trying not to pee on myself, while being forced to listen to Celine Dion. It is not a very romantic insemination.

CD21: Today, 12 days into the two week wait, with my blood test having to wait until CD29. Fertility friend gives me a score of 35/100 for early pregnancy signs.


So, the timing was off, and my endometrium was thin, but at least we will have IUI number 1 under our belts soon. One more 'n' for the clinical trial, either way. If it's negative, then we'll set up the next IUI, and in the mean time I will get my hair dyed and eat lots of soft French cheeses.