Thursday, 21 April 2011

26w2d: All is still good

We had our first check-up at our new hospital today. It was a bit daunting moving from our IVF hospital to the one closer to home, but after today I feel a lot more confident. There didn't seem to be many differences between the two places, and I feel a lot better knowing that we are now so close to our chosen labour and delivery ward.

My fundal measurement is 27 cm, right on track. She did a quick ultra-sound - the little guy is head down, but the placenta is still a little low. If it stays low, then they will do a cesarean, but won't make that decision for another 10 weeks.

My feet are enormous, but I my urine and blood pressure are normal, so my fears of pre-eclampsia were unfounded at this stage.

Next week: glucose test and the start of the third trimester.

So thankful that everything looks good so far.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

24w1d: Viability

So we have reached viability, with a theoretical 50% survival rate if the fetus was born today. Happily, he doesn't look like he's going anywhere anytime soon. I'm still feeling pretty good. I have a lot of heartburn, and I can't really bend over any more, but I am still able to sleep reasonably well.

We've even started doing some shopping. There was a special at the supermarket last week, so I bit the bullet and even bought some diapers. We have started talking about names, and looking at cribs. With every day that passes, I am feeling less terrified of disaster, and more excited about the future.