Thursday, 26 November 2009

IUI#2 Day 3

Three days ago.

"An exciting day today, yes?" The nurse asked me while taking my blood.
"Well, it is a rainy day" I answered. I didn't have the heart to tell he that I had already taken a home pregnancy test and recieved a negative result. She just seemed so excited, and then so disappointed when she called me at 4:02pm to tell me the result.

But the good thing is we can sneak in another IUI before everything closes for Christmas. This time I was randomised to Clomid, so fewer injections but perhaps more side-effects.

They are going to start monitoring me earlier, as I responded very quickly to the stimulation last time. My first ultrasound is next Tuesday, December 1.


Today is day 3, my endometrium is at 3.05mm, I have no ovarian cysts, my bloodwork looks good, so we have the green light.

We have one last chance for a positive pregnancy result in 2009.


  1. Sorry to hear that the last cycle didn't work out, but hopefully the Clomid will do the trick for you. BTW, I had read about a lot of Clomid side effect horror stories, but I've done 5 cycles with it and haven't had any problems. Hopefully you'll have the same experience. Good luck!

  2. Very sorry about your last IUI, but hoping for a great result with this next one - just in time for Christmas!


    PS - I have done about 10 Clomid cycles, and they are a breeze. No problems at all.