Thursday, 21 April 2011

26w2d: All is still good

We had our first check-up at our new hospital today. It was a bit daunting moving from our IVF hospital to the one closer to home, but after today I feel a lot more confident. There didn't seem to be many differences between the two places, and I feel a lot better knowing that we are now so close to our chosen labour and delivery ward.

My fundal measurement is 27 cm, right on track. She did a quick ultra-sound - the little guy is head down, but the placenta is still a little low. If it stays low, then they will do a cesarean, but won't make that decision for another 10 weeks.

My feet are enormous, but I my urine and blood pressure are normal, so my fears of pre-eclampsia were unfounded at this stage.

Next week: glucose test and the start of the third trimester.

So thankful that everything looks good so far.


  1. Almost in the third tri wow! Have you begun shopping, planning about leave etc?

  2. Wow - time is flying by! Glad to hear you & baby are doing well :)

  3. So glad to hear such a great update from you!!!

  4. Wow!! You are moving right along! My feet have been swelling a lot as well - it's so annoying - but as long as you have no other problems, it's definitely manageable.

    Congrats on approaching the third tri!