Friday, 27 April 2012

9 months old: Favourite moments

  • Walking into the nursery after he has just woken up, and seeing him grin and rock back and forth when he sees me.
  • Seeing the looks of adoration that pass between my husband and my son when they play together.
  • Clapping my hands, and seeing my son start clapping too.
  • That quiet dream breastfeeding session just before I go to sleep.
  • Watching my son feed himself and taste new foods for the first time.
  • Surprising him with a toy and hearing him laugh.
  • Picking him up when he cries and hearing him relax in my arms.
  • Reading to him and have him help me turn the pages.
  • Seeing my husband and my son playing together.
  • Laying down together and rolling around on the floor with my son.
  • Going for a walk through the park together.
  • Seeing his fascination with our cats.
We are so very lucky. I am so thankful every day that somehow fortune favoured us, and we ended up with this incredibly funny and healthy little boy.

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