Saturday, 10 April 2010

IUI#4 14DPO Not Pregnant

Not Pregnant. Those were the words that greeted me this morning. I’ve bought a bunch of digital pregnancy tests from eBay. I much prefer the definitive answer. No examining the strip under a bright light, or scooping it out of the bin to see if a line has subsequently appeared. No room for doubt or error. Not Pregnant.

The worst day of this cycle was the day of the trigger, when I discovered that I had spontaneously started to ovulate while my lining was too thin. I “knew” then that this cycle would be no different from the others. My belly full of holes was for nothing, and I even had to inject myself with the drugs for the first time, as my husband was due home late that night. I demolished an entire jar of Nutella.

This was our last IUI, which means that the next time my belly is attacked with needles, it will be for IVF. We will have a 40% success rate instead of 10%. For the first time, my adhesions and blockages will not interfere. If nothing else, we might even be able to see the result of our combined genetic material, even if it is just a small blob of cells.

Consultation appointment in two weeks, procedure in July/August.

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  1. I'm sorry you're having to move on to IVF...but at the same time I'm excited. For all that it entails, it's true to success rates are so much higher. Not to say it's easy...but you do get more information, definitely. I loved seeing those little balls of cells...