Friday, 26 March 2010

IUI#4 CD13

This morning it looking like things were moving along well, with a "beautiful" lining of 6.5 and a follicle at 16.2 mm. However, the phone call this afternoon announced that I would not be coming in for another ultrasound tomorrow, but for my IUI. "Already?" I said. "Already", they confirmed. My HCG Pregnyl shot tonight at 8pm, and then the IUI tomorrow at 12:30.

Now I know my ovulation date, I can take a look at how my response stacks up against the other IUIs. And my endometrium measurements fit right over the other ones. No matter if I ovulate at day 9 or day 16, my lining is always around 7 mm, one standard deviation below my clinic's average of 8.7 mm ± 1.59. My lining is a consistent under-achiever.


  1. Has your LH started to surge already? If not, I'm surprised they wouldn't give you one more day of stims to plump up the lining more. Hope it works anyhow!

  2. My clinic doesn't tell me anything about my hormones unless I specifically ask. I completely forgot to ask until I hung up with them. We have an appointment with the professor in a month. I will come armed with questions then, and ask him to go over each cycle with us.

    Glad that you and the little one are doing well.