Friday, 5 November 2010

IVF#2: scheduled

Thank-you for all your advice yesterday.

I called the clinic today and spoke with a lovely midwife. She said The Professor had very recently put a big note on my file saying that he must meet with us before we proceed with our next cycle. My husband suspects that The Professor wants to talk to us about my thin endometrium and suggest some further tweaks to our protocol.

However, I managed to convince her to let me start BCPs before the consultation, and schedule me to put me into the system to start injections a few days after the consultation. So this is my tentative calendar:

November 16: Start BCPs
December 23: Consultation with The Professor
December 27: Start suppression with decapeptyl
January 6: Start Gonal-F stimulation
January 24: Tentative transfer
February 4: Tentative beta

I am so happy that I can ring in the New Year while in the midst of an IVF cycle, full of hope and excitement for the year ahead.


  1. Yay for a new year and new possibilities! I'm so sorry your FET was cancelled, but I am hoping that IVF #2 is successful for you!

  2. That's great, fingers crossed for January 2011!

  3. Yay - that is fabulous news! Glad you were able to get a plan going before your appt! Wishing you lots of luck...

  4. It is encouraging that you'll be able to get started on your BCP's right away.

    Maybe you could call the clinic weekly to find out if there have been any cancellations to get into your consult?

    My recent post:

  5. Excellent news!!!

    You need to be your own advocate. You are clearly well aware of this by your comments on the tweaking.

    (I wish I could go back and delete my call to arms comment on your last post!)

  6. I am so proud of you. What an excellent idea. It makes so much sense to go ahead and do you BCPs instead of being told to go on BCPs for a month after your consultation.
    I am glad you feel better and hopeful!

  7. That's great news! I'm glad you are able to start another soon!

  8. Well, that sounds like a pretty good compromise. The consult will give you the chance to talk about those last-minute doubts/ideas that you have and you still get to get the ball rolling pretty quickly. And I bet it feels like progress just to get started on those BFPs. So here's to that!

  9. Great news that you be to get started. But too bad the Prof couldn't deal with it all in the last appointment. Sorry - I should be more encouraging, but I'm impatient and get impatient for others too! Being on the up ride of the roller coaster over the new year sounds good though!

  10. Just catching up on the past week of events. So sorry to hear about your cancelled FET, but I was happy to see you were able to get someone at the clinic to work with you. It must have been so frustrating to have not been able to do your FET and then to find out you had to wait that long just to begin to move forward when you though you already had that planned! Talk about being kicked when you were already down :( So I was very happy to see them work with you a bit! I like the idea of a new year and a new start!

  11. That is great that you can start your BCP's. I know I always felt a huge sense of hope at the beginning of a cycle. Good luck sweetie!!!!

  12. Well it's good news I guess that your RE is being so thorough. And good too that you could start the BCPs early. Good luck!

  13. Sorry about the canceled cycle, but, so glad that you have a plan and hope ahead very soon!!!

  14. Hi Dandle Dreams, Just catching up on your posts. I am so sorry to hear that your FET was cancelled. Even if you knew it was a possiblity it still is a big thing to deal with. Hugs to you.
    And i'm so pleased you don't have to wait till after xmas before you can start IVF#2. I'm glad you were able to twist their arms and get the ball rolling for you earlier. Keeping things moving is the best way to stay sane.