Monday, 7 February 2011

15w6d: Check-up tomorrow

Since the 12 week scan, my emotions have varied from relief to happiness to fear to worry. Relief that nothing bad was detected, happy that I graduated from the first trimester, fear that bad things will happen, and worry that the heartbeat was in the bottom 1% for gestational age.

I now have a noticeable bump (latest photo here), and my pregnancy was publicly announced during the last departmental meeting. Most of our friends in this city have not experienced fertility or loss, however they seem understanding of my "let's wait and see" attitude. A few of them have said to me "can I be excited for you, on your behalf?", which is sweet.

While I have heartburn, round ligament pain, a runny nose, frequent urination, headaches, and breathlessness, there is nothing unbearable. I am surprised every time I see myself in the mirror.

I individually emailed the people in my IVF support group to tell them my news, starting with "I know that it can be difficult to hear this...". Some of them have replied with congratulations, others have remained silent, which I understand perfectly.

My next check-up is tomorrow. They told me that they will do a Doppler heartbeat check, but no ultrasound. I would really love a reassuring glimpse to know that the fetus is measuring properly. Does anyone know of any secret phrases that will convince them to do an ultrasound, without having to lie about my symptoms?


  1. Wow - 15 weeks already! Time is a flyin! Your baby bump is adorable by the way :)

    I would think that if you want an US then you should be able to have one - especially if it will decrease your stress level! Just remind them all that you have been through to get to this point & you need piece of mind! They should schedule it with no questions asked. However, it might not be covered under insurance just to "take a peek"!? Let us know how it goes!

  2. The bump is definitely noticeable! :) Glad to hear things are going well and good luck for tomorrow!

  3. Congrats on announcing and on your successful progress. Your bump is adorable! My doc is the same as yours and doesn't do an U/S unless necessary and at certain intervals during the pregnancy (like 20 weeks). I can't think of anything you could say without lying, but MAYBE it would work to tell them you fell (a lie, but not a lie about symptoms, not sure how tangled of a web you want to weave for this U/S). They might still refrain from doing one unless you were spotting though.

    Either way, good luck tomorrow. A heartbeat is still a wonderful reassurance even without the visual.

  4. Love the bump!

    I say if you go in, tell them you have been really stressed about the baby, and mention your previous loss, you will be able to get an ultrasound without having to create any symptoms :)

  5. 16 weeks! Why not just tell them you're out of your mind with worry and would really prefer an ultrasound? Thanks for updating the bump photo page. :-) I like to check in. I have a friend who is being excited on my behalf too; rather sweet.

  6. Love your bump. Super cute. :)

    This is just me, but I found once I graduated to my midwives, hearing the heartbeat on the doppler was all the reassurance that I needed. If they hadn't found the heartbeat, I would have gone for an u/s- stat. It was hard at first- but it was also part of realizing that I'm now a normal pregnant person...and part of being normal means you don't get to see the bump every week or two weeks. And I also felt it was inappropriate for me to clog up our healthcare system (as once I was no longer at the clinic the midwives would have to refer me somewhere).

    So, this is just assvice from me, but I found it was helpful to go cold turkey on the ultrasounds. But you need to do what makes you comfortable with your pregnancy.