Sunday, 17 May 2009

This is why they are called cycles

Because they go around and around and around:

I am a scientist. I like to live in an evidence-based reality. I need numbers, charts, and graphs. I like to make quantitative comparisons. So now I have year's worth of patterns to analyse.

I seem to be ovulating. While my follicular phase is a little variable, my luteal phase seems to relatively long and consistent. But I don't know anything else about my body. Are my eggs getting lost? Are my tubes blocked? Is my mucus or lining sub-standard?

Once again, just waiting for a diagnosis.

Always waiting, waiting...


  1. Thanks for your recent comments....and OHHHH Fertility Friend...they were my obsession for MONTHS. Mine were picture perfect as well (be sure to bring them to your appointment (though you may already have them mounted into a personal portfolio by now). As you know, my only problem was that my husband's swimmers couldn't find their way to my perfectly cultivated egg every month....

    Hoping you get some answers at your upcoming appointment.

  2. I have spent far too many hours on Fertility Friend, carefully nurturing my charts and dots. I think they may merit their own personal portfolio.

    Sorry things are so crummy for you right now.