Wednesday, 27 January 2010

IUI#3 CD10

I was randomised to clomid this cycle (clomiphene citrate CD3 to CD7, estrogen CD8 to CD12), and as I had some at home that meant that I didn't have to go into the clinic until today. The midwife who was taking my blood looked so young that I was worried that she would be incompetent. I think however the problem was that I am getting old, because she was fabulous. In fact, she coaxed out so much of my blood that I didn't realise that I was continuing to leave little drops of the stuff over the chair and floor of the waiting room. I was so embarrassed to have to get one of the midwives to clean it up for me. Still, better that than leaving human blood around the place.

My follicles seem to be ripening more slowly this time around. Last CD10 with clomid my dominant follicle was at 16 mm, but this time around it is only 11.7 mm. This is great, because I need time for my endometrial lining to thicken up. My lining is only 3.7 mm, the thinnest it has ever been at CD10 - it's gone from 7.6 mm (IUI#1 Menopur) to 4.8 mm (IUI#2 Clomid) to 3.7 mm (IUI#3 Clomid). I have been reading through the literature, and it really needs to be at least 7 mm on the day of the HCG trigger for a good chance of success.

The good news is that the dominant follicle is on my left ovary with the good tube. I should know more when I hear from the midwife this afternoon, but my guess is that I will have another scan in two days (CD12) and that the IUI will be on Monday (CD15).


  1. Sorry to hear the clomid is doing a number on your endometrium. It certainly thinned mine out too, and killed my cervical mucus after the first couple cycles.
    Would be great if this works for you anyhow!

  2. Hoping that the fact that your tube and follicle are cooperating leads to good news at the end of this...I am sorry about the lining issue...I think Clomid is famous for this.

  3. Good luck! I hated clomid! I hope your follicle continues to grow! I'll be thinking about you!