Friday, 29 January 2010

IUI#3 CD12

I do love having my cycles monitored. I love graphs and tracking my numbers and knowing exactly what is happening. I like knowing what my ovaries are up to and how everything is progressing.

However, our clinic is not very empowering in that respect. They never tell me my hormone levels, and I have to quickly memories my ultrasound numbers as they appear on the screen. Today I asked the midwife what the procedure is, if we decide to move onto IVF. Her response was "you do not decide to move onto IVF, the professor will decide." She went on the explain that for IVF to be covered by the Belgian health care system, patients generally must try three IUIs first.

We are lucky to live in one of the few countries that provides six cycles of IVF to most residents. It pays for this cost by mandating that many of these must be single embryo transfers, which decreases the number of multiples born, and thus lowers the higher costs associated with multiples. The savings made on decreased newborn intensive care usage pays for the cost of providing IVF.

IVF coverage in Belgium:

ageIVF 1 to 2IVF 3 to 6
Less than 36 yearssingle embryo transfertwo embryo transfer
36 to 39 yearstwo embryo transferthree embryo transfer
More than 39 yearsthree embryo transferthree embryo transfer

As for me, my dominant left follicle is still only at 13 mm, and my lining is still only 5.3 mm. Moving very slowly this time around. I'm guessing the IUI might be on Wednesday? We shall see.

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  1. They need to get that coverage for IVF here in Canada. I've never understood why they cover lung transplants for patients with severe COPD from their life-long smoking, or other super-expensive treatments for patients who've had a bad diet and not taken care of themselves, and have ended up very ill because of it. And yet they won't cover IVF cycles for people who haven't done anything to become infertile. OK, they cover 3 tries for patients with bilaterally blocked tubs, but not for anything else. MF? Sucks to be you! Belgium is certainly right that IVF funding costs less than the expenses of paying for the health care of multiples.
    Hope you don't get to the point of needing IVF coverage though!