Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Yesterday was the first day of Menopur shots. Considering that I ovulated on day 9 last time, they have cut my dose in half. So I take half an ampule each night, keeping the other half in the fridge until the next night. My husband is doing a wonderful job mixing everything together and giving me the injections.

CD2-CD7: ~37.5 IU Menopur
CD8: Ultrasound and bloodwork - Menopur dose as advised
CD9-17: Possible ultrasounds and bloodwork - Menopur dose as advised

It has now been two years since I started ovulating again after eleven years of hormonal contraception. Twenty six cycles, twenty six ovulations, twenty six thermal shifts. Fertility friend tells me that my second year-long VIP membership will expire next month. Do I sign up for another twelve months?

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