Monday, 22 March 2010


I woke up very excited this morning. I love the chance to spy in on my ovaries and see exactly what they are up to. I had my first ultrasound of the cycle today, and everything looks great. My lining is already at 4.4 mm (red dotted line) with a triple stripe pattern, and for once my follicles are not racing ahead. I have a sub-dominant follicle on my right ovary at 7.1 mm, and a dominant follicle on my left ovary at 10.1 mm (red unbroken line). It looks like 37 units of Menopur per day is a good dose for me. Looking at this, I guess that we'll probably do the IUI around Sunday on day 14 - must more respectable than day 9 with the first injectables attempt.

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