Friday, 14 May 2010

17dpo: Not darker. Not lighter.

What does the "1-2" on the Digital Pregnancy Test I showed yesterday mean? No, not the number of babies. It is the estimated weeks since conception - either "1-2" or "3-4", based on whether both strips inside the test change colour, or just the super-sensitive one.

Well, according to my computer this line has gone from a density of 42% to 44%. I guess we'll just have to see what the weekend brings.

I would really like to have a baby in January, though.


  1. OK, first off: pee sticks can't be trusted. The only way you'll know is either a quantitative beta doubling, or if you wait a good few days and pee again. I had a friend who was sure her pee stick was getting lighter, and her baby is now a few months old.
    Second: I think it still looks good. Today's line is more evenly coloured, rather than a band of darker and the rest lighter. So I think it probably means more HCG.
    Are you going to get betas drawn? Good luck!

  2. Kate - Thank=you so much for your support. If I wasn't in such a state of shock, I would have gone into the clinic today for a blood test. But it just seemed to weird to turn up for an unscheduled beta. If I'm still pregnant on Monday, I'll go in then.