Thursday, 13 May 2010

Break cycle: 16dpo: BFP

I have over 25 IU/L of HCG in my urine. It's not due to a trigger shot. I guess that means I'm pregnant.

I was going to enjoy this break before IVF. To not worry about trying to conceive and just appreciate all the wonderful things I had in my life. I did not renew my VIP Fertility Friend membership. I was going to go back to my lifestyle when I was back on the pill. In fact, I would have gone back on the pill but my RE said that 40 days is the maximum length of time for their long IVF protocol. So my new crazy lifestyle included:
  • Drinking three glasses of wine a week
  • Sleeping with the electric blanket on
  • Skipping my pre-natal vitamins
  • Skipping my omega-3 capsules
  • Drinking coffee
  • Drinking tea
  • Eating McDonalds
I kept an eye on my temperatures because my ovulation date fluctuates wildly, and I wanted to know when my period arrives.

But when it reached 14 days past ovulation, and my temperature was still high, I was puzzled. I looked back at my chart, and my thermal shift was very clear. Is it crazy to take a pregnancy test? Yes, I thought, but, no, 14 days post ovulation is a perfectly normal time to test. So I pulled out a Digital Test, glad it would give me a definitive answer. This way I would know that it was safe to drink at my friend's birthday party that evening.

But three minutes later, it said

Of course, not having the VIP Fertility Friend membership, it took me a few minutes to find somewhere that would calculate my due date. Due date. How odd.

I started to shake, and quickly wrote out a little card for my husband saying "I am pregnant. I am due January 18 2011.". He took forever to get out of the shower, but when I gave him the card he said "Wow." then "1-2 babies?" and then pointed out that they should have a small advantage due to their date of birth, as a child born at the beginning of the year is slightly more mature than their peers. Which is one of the reasons why I love my husband very much.

But I had yet to see those two pink lines. How dark was this second line? I went to the pharmacy and asked for four "tests de grossesses", because they keep them behind the counter here. The guy gave me a strange look. "Four?", but slowly opened up a new box and handed them over.

All night I dreamed that I was taking that test, but I could never see the result, and ended up going through hundreds of sticks. Finally, it was 6am. I took the test.

It is faint. But it is there.

Now I need to wait until tomorrow.

Last time I was pregnant it lasted for 19 days post ovulation. The line never got darker.

Is this going to be another chemical pregnancy? Or is this one going to stick?


  1. Wow! Thinking sticky thoughts for you! :-)

  2. Incredible news! How does it feel to be "normal"? Pregnancy through sex? Wow!

    And what does that 1-2 mean?

  3. Wow! Sure hope this sticks and you're one of the lucky ones who get pg on a break.