Monday, 17 May 2010

20dpo: Beta #1

Well, the lines on the pregnancy tests have been getting darker and darker. The one this morning was almost as dark as the control line. So I figured it was time to bite the bullet.

I rocked up to my fertility clinic as soon as it opened. As quietly as I could, I explained to the receptionist that I didn't have an appointment, but I had gotten a positive result on a home pregnancy test. She told me that it was probably too early, and I should just wait until my Beta appointment. I told her that I was in between treatments. She looked surprised, but booked me in.

About ten minutes later they called me in for the blood test. Funny how now I can now calmly watch them poke a needle into me and collect a vial of blood. The nurse asked me if this was a pregnancy test, and I told her yes. She asked me what I felt about it, and I told her the home urine test came back positive. She smiled, and asked me if I had used IUI or IVF. I sheepishly told her that I was on a break between treatments, and that I had just had sex. She immediately began quizzing me about symptoms: nausea, sore breasts, etc. When I told her that I didn't really feel any different, I could see the doubt in her eyes.

I am sure we were both thinking the same thing: Hysterical pregnancy

Then I had a day of work to get through. I knew that they would call me between noon and 5pm. I called my phone a few times to make sure it was working (then freaked out 5 minutes later at seeing a missed call on my screen). I set myself up in a meeting room for the afternoon, segregated from our open-plan office. At this stage, I need a beta of at least 111.

Noon. No phone call.

1pm. No phone call.

2pm. No phone call.

3pm. No phone call. Give 30 minute presentation in 17 minutes and scoot everyone away.

4pm. No phone call.

4:15. Call the clinic. My beta is:


They wash their hands of me and give me an appointment with gynecology/ obstetrics next door on the 1st of June for an ultrasound. The nurse starts asking me who I have picked to monitor my pregnancy, and I tell her that I haven't even started thinking about it.

I still can't believe that I am pregnant. I am so happy. So thankful.


  1. Great news. Isn't it nice to be so smack-dab in the middle of normal. Hope the ultrasound is all kinds of normal. Not too long to wait now.