Friday, 29 October 2010

FET#1: CD11

Lining: 5.9 mm
Right ovary: 12.1 mm
Left ovary: 9.5 mm

So it looks like I am progressing very similarly to my last IUI, not surprisingly because I am on the same Menopur dose. If things go the same way, I will probably trigger on CD13 (Sunday), ovulate on CD14 (Monday), and transfer on CD17 (Thursday).

We asked the Professor about the chance of multiples, as we are stimulating ovulation as well as transferring an embryo. He said that it is theoretically possible, but they have never seen it in practise. He also said that animal studies have shown that simply the act of intercourse before embryo transfer can increase the rates of pregnancy.

Feeling much better today. I need to remind myself that the best cure, for me, is just to knuckle down and attack all the work that is stressing me out.

The sun is shining over the soft falling leaves. This might be our last autumn as a family of two (plus two furballs). This is a time to celebrate our love for each other, for cherishing all the wonderful joys already in our life together.


  1. Great attitude, I so hope this is your last autumn as a family of 2! How exciting to do an FET with stims. Although stimming is more stressful, I kind of wish I had something going on to remind me that I'm actually in the middle of an exciting process. So far FET is pretty uneventful for me. Can't wait to hear your update!

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  2. Thanks for the encouragement over on my blog. Good luck with the transfer. I am thinking of you : )

  3. well you better engage in the "physical act of intercourse"then!

  4. Wow the days of your FET are passing by so quickly. I'm glad things are going according to plan so far.

  5. sounds like all is going well. I hope you're enjoying your autumn days as much as I'm enjoying spring. I used to love autumn when I lived in Paris.

  6. GOOD LUCK! I will have everything crossed!