Tuesday, 26 October 2010

FET#1: CD8

I am participating in a clinical trial for this FET, which involves me injecting half a vial of menopur each night, much like I did for my last IUI. This means that they are monitoring my follicles too, even though we have a little embryo that we prepared earlier.

Lining 4.7 mm
Right ovary: One large follicle at 9.7 mm
Left ovary: One large follicle at 8.4 mm

Perhaps another week until trigger? Next check-up on Friday.

Things that are currently stressing me out:
* The hours of sunlight are decreasing, so I am waking up in the dark every morning
* More people are catching the metro, so I now have to stand for 30 minutes to get to work
* My boss is off sick, so I am doing the work of two people
* All projects need to be completed by the end of the year, so we are extra busy
* My mother is coming to stay for a whole week
* I am putting on weight
* Blood tests in the morning, waiting for phone call during the day, injections in the evening

Things that I should be doing to decrease this stress:
* Working hard at work
* Cleaning the house
* Going to the gym
* Eating lots of fruit and vegetables

Things that I am actually doing instead:
* Spending hours on the web looking at pictures of cute animals
* Napping
* Eating chocolate and biscuits
* Worrying
* Feeling guilty



  1. Heya, firstly thanks a ton for visiting my blog and leaving behind some great info.
    Ever since I started TTC, I feel guilty all the time. I can't seem to concentrate on work anymore, and its almost like I am going though the motions everyday, all the while thinking about my uterus and ovaries. I know its not fair towards my work, but I just cant help it. Lemme know if you find a solution.
    Just wondering, are you in the academics or industry?

  2. So excited for you & this upcoming cycle! So will they let you ovulate AND do a FET? Just curious as to what happens with your follies while prepping you for an ET?! Wishing you lots of luck & will be keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

  3. This is very familiar, I also find it very difficult to concentrate at work. Ah well, plenty of time to work later ;)
    Let me know if you want to have biscuits together - shared sin is half a sin! ;)
    And good luck tomorrow!

  4. It sounds like you are doing what works for you to decrease your stress. We can't stress out over how to decrease our stress! Enjoy the chocolate, biscuits and baby animals.

  5. Oh, no guilt over something like a biscuit. Cookies are fattening but a biscuit is too cute to be a problem. Clearly.

    It is certain I will be fired by the end of the calendar year. All I do is read about how to get pregnant. Sheesh.

  6. do not feel guilty over chocolate or weight. we already feel guilty about everything else! the weight does eventually come back off after the ivf cycles. it took me a few months but I am kind of back to where i started. good luck with the fet and the hpts!

  7. This sounds like me! It's so hard sometimes to find the motivation to do things that you know will help you. And the shorter days are always depressing.

    Good luck with your current cycle! x