Saturday, 11 September 2010

IVF#1: 5dp3dt: Waiting

I looked at a calendar today to figure out how many days past transfer I was. Eight? Ten? No, five. It feels like my transfer was months ago, not just last Monday.

Physically, I am starting to feel much better. It took me a full week post egg retrieval to feel fully healed and back to my old self.

My new hobby is peeing on sticks every morning and watching my trigger disappear. Today is ten days past trigger, and I can still see a tiny bit of a line when I look at it just right. I'm guessing that by tomorrow it should be completely clear, and then I can start the more exciting process of waiting for the line to re-appear.

I think it's really mean of the pharma companies to make us trigger with hCG. Can't they just put a patch over the bit of the molecule that the home pregnancy test detects? I have even written this on my two-line tests (just in case a burglar breaks into the house and misinterprets them and sends me a premature 'congratulations'):

So glad it's the weekend! Even though I only had a four day week, it really seemed to drag on forever. I am looking forward to two relaxing days with my husband - catching up with friends and relaxing around the house.


  1. Well, I kind of hope the line just never goes away but begins on that getting darker trend again.Fingers crossed for darker lines!

  2. So funny about the burglar!

    Can't wait until those two lines come back.

  3. Good luck with that line getting darker now! I hear ya on it taking a week to get back to normal after egg retrieval. I so wish my bedrest was after the retrieval not the transfer.

  4. Okay, I'm waiting to hear about that darker line now!!!

  5. The waiting is just awful. I find the second week is always the worst, so I hope you can amuse yourself! Glad you are feeling better. Egg retrievals are a doozy.