Monday, 13 December 2010

7w6d Tomorrow

I have seen a lot of scans of my uterus over the past few years. I even have a few photos from my laparoscopy. Yet I have no idea what I will see tomorrow.

One one hand, the queasiness, fatigue, sore breasts and lower back pain suggests that I might be gestating something. On the other hand, these symptoms are all psychosomatic, and I know of plenty of women who have received terrible news at their first ultrasound scan.

Seeing a heartbeat tomorrow is both imaginable and completely impossible.

Tomorrow, we open Schrodinger's box, and hope he didn't share it with Pandora.


  1. I'll be thinking of you! Such a stressful one that can plunge you into heaven or hell hell so quickly. If only we were normal preggos who could approach scans naive. :-/ I keep reminding myself that statistically more pregnancies continue than don't. Chances are all is well, so hopefully tomorrow's scan does nothing but confirm the best! And I hope your FS's machine isn't playing up and you can take away images from the scan (hint hint).

  2. GOOD LUCK!!!

    I found the last day before an ultrasound, and the morning of the scan itself, to be absolute torture. Completely nerve wracking, even after having several scans that showed all was well.

    Try to sleep as best you can tonight, hang in there, and I hope you have the best possible news to post tomorrow!