Thursday, 23 December 2010

9w2d: Happy

Today was supposed to be the day of my post-failure consultation with my RE. We were going to discuss strategies to improve my endometrium thickness during the next round of stimulation. I was going to be leaving today with a cooler full of medication, ready to start my suppression injections.

Instead, here I am, pregnant, and less than three weeks away from my week 12 scan. I don't know how one can be in shock for more than a month, but I still feel blown away by our luck.

On Tuesday we had our first appointment with an obstetrician. I had expected just a quick interview with a few routine questions, but they were very thorough. Full medical history, weight, height, blood pressure, urine test, and six vials of blood. They tested for anti-RBC Abs, STIs (syphilis, HIV, hepatitis, chlamydia ), infections (rubella, toxoplasmosis, CMV), blood type, hormones (TSF), and did a full RBC and WBC. I smiled as she said that since it had been over three months since my last SDI screen at the fertility clinic, they had better run it again. I guess they figure I must have gotten pregnant somehow.

Best of all, before she started the consultation, she gave us a quick peak at the embryo with an ultrasound. I whipped off my pants before she had time to realise that we had already had a scan last week, and we were greeted with a happy looking blob on the screen. I was a bit worried at first, as I couldn't see the heart beating and it looked the same size as last week. However, she she pointed out the heartbeat and measuring the embryo as measuring 9w3d, three days ahead of schedule.

Ultrasound and belly photos here.

Overall, I am feeling fantastic. I feel nauseous unless I am constantly nibbling on simple carbohydrates, which might explain the 4 kg increase in weight over the past two months. I however like to think that I am just growing the most comfortable womb ever. I have back pain if I twist or bend down, and heart palpitations keep me awake during the night. I am always thirsty, and I love pineapple and orange juice. My breasts are larger and slightly sore.

I love being pregnant. I was never convinced that this would happen for me, and I love every day that this little embryo grows inside me.


  1. Yay for another scan!! I'm so glad everything is measuring well and that you got to see your little bean again, how cool. And don't worry about the need to eat carbs all the will eventually diminish :).

  2. Yay for another scan! And yeah for being happy and pregnant!! I'm constantly thirsty and eating constantly now too - vegemite toast at the cafe near work is my friend.

    I hope you have the best holiday season ever - to be topped only by next year and bub's first Christmas! :-D

  3. YAY! That is so awesome. Have a great happy and wonderful Christmas and a sober new years (how cool would that be). Very happy you have got to this place!

  4. I love how happy you "sound" in this post :)

    I'm right there with you on the constant nibbling of carbs. It's the only thing that keeps me feeling nauseous.

    And LOL at your identical twins comment. I will certainly think of you the first time someone asks me that!!

  5. Yay for a happy looking blob!! This is so great. And measuring ahread of schedule is always reassuring!!