Monday, 23 August 2010

The Chair

This is one of the chairs in the waiting room of my clinic. It is filled with Gonal-F pens. I have no idea what the story is behind it. Did one lone infertile decide to make a monument to her years of injections? Did she want something tangible for all those cycles of hope and disappointment? Is this a donation from Merck to thank the clinic for all their orders?

I have never seen anyone actually sit in the chair. Perhaps it is a Wishing Chair? Maybe if I sit in it, the chair will sprout wings and take me away from the Land of IF.


  1. oh my god!!! that chair is hillarious, and kind of scary all at the same time!!!
    I have probably used enough gonalF pens in my time to build a piece of furniture like that!
    Its kinda bizzare and weird isn't it?? And I'm not sure i'd want to sit in it either!!!

  2. That is brilliant, my heavens with all the injections my hubby has been on for the last year we could probably make a couch!

    Wishing you the very best with your upcoming IVF.

    Happy ICLW.

  3. I don't think I would sit in it. Who wants the reminder?

  4. very odd. I cant see my doc putting this in his waiting room...but he isn't big on decorations :)

  5. That is really funny. I would love to know the story behind it!

    Good luck on your IVF cycle!
    - Jess
    ICLW #74

  6. Oh. My. God. I can't figure out if I think this is funny or depressing! Depending on your success after using the Gonal-F, it could either be 'The Chair of Success' or 'The Chair of Broken Dreams'. Oy! Lovely to discover your blog by the way! Wishing you nothing but success. Happy ICLW! -- Jay (ICLW #78)

  7. I'd be afriad of breaking it if I sat in it, lol. Either way, I hope that chair was built to be hopeful and not depressing.

  8. ha, that's so funny and weird. maybe I should start saving my menopur vials.

    I've read that the multiples rate is lower in europe. that's interesting that they stim you slower there. maybe it has to do with americans' obsession with speed and instantaneous results.