Monday, 30 August 2010

IVF#1: Day 12 of Stims

Lining: 6.9mm
Right ovary: 6 follicles, largest 13.9mm
Left ovary: 3 follicles, largest 16.3mm
E2: 1218
Drugs: 150u Menopur 1xday, Suprefact 3xday

"Well that's bizarre"

These were the words that the midwife greeted with us this morning before my scan. My husband and I shared a worried look. She said that apparently my plasma hormones seem to be racing ahead of my follicles. i.e., my blood is responding correctly to the medication, but my ovaries are not as active as they should be. She said that this is especially odd considering how quickly I responded to the Menopur during my IUIs.

Also, my lining is still below 7mm. In all my monitored cycles I have never managed to break the 7mm barrier. So this cycle looks like it will feature a thin lining and low egg count, both predictors of failure. I don't think I'll be at the top of the class for this assignment.

We go back on Wednesday for another checkup, with a possible retrieval on Friday.

I calculated that a retrieval on Friday would put my due date near my birthday, and this led to daydreams of joint birthday celebrations in Disneyland with matching mouse ears. I would really like that.


  1. Well, I'm not a doctor, but it doesn't seem to me like things are SO bad. 9 follicles total seems pretty good to me, especially considering that the goal was not to produce a TON of follicles. And your lining still has a few days to "fluff up," and I'm betting that it will be comfortably over 7mm by your next ultrasound. Hang in there! And try to stay positive! (I'm going to be sending lots of positive thoughts in your direction!)

  2. Just wanted to give you some encouraging news: I had only 7 follicles & my E2 was 868 on day 11 & look where I am now :) Crossing my fingers for you that all goes well at your Wed appt & hoping your ER will be Friday! Good luck hun :)

  3. Hang in there hon, hopefully your lining will get thicker in the next few days and things pick up with those ovaries! I'm still feeling positive for you! xox

  4. Lots of good thoughts for a Friday retrieval! xoxo

  5. I was also going to say by the time you get to retrieval you will break that 7mm for sure. Fingers crossed!

  6. I hope Wednesday's scan is good! If you're as much a lunatic as I am you might find this link useful. It calculates your due date based upon when you have your egg collection.,com_ivfcalculate

  7. Hey, I'm sorry your cycle isn't progressing the way you imagined. But seriously, I just don't think there is a 'perfect' cycle. The lining thing is debatable as there are A LOT of success stories from people who have had supposedly thin linings. Likewise there are so many cases of woman with textbook perfect linings and follicles which end in a BFN. So try as hard as you can to not compare yourself to anyone else's results as I really think they just make us more confused and sad. You are your own special case with unique circumstances and I'm so hoping you get your happy ending. x

  8. My father and I share a birthday. It just reinforces the special bond we have. Crossing my fingers for you!