Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Miscarriage Club

A few months ago, I heard about an English-speaking IVF support group in my area. It was organised by this wonderful woman who, despite six unsuccessful IVFs, is willing to host monthly get-togethers of women involved in IVF.

Four of us met for dinner last night to share war stories and offer support. It was very liberating to talk about injections and ultrasounds, blood tests and urine tests. We all had miscarriage stories to tell, so many stories of hope and worry and disappointment.

We talked about anxiety, and about how there is no magical point at which one can stop worrying. The second beta, the second trimester, even birth - each milestone acheived brings with it new dangers and concerns.

Realising this, I am trying to remind myself that either everything will go well, or it won't. It is unlikely that worrying about an issue will change the outcome. So I am trying to enjoy the journey, treasure all the gifts that each day brings, and know that if something bad happens we will deal with it as best we can.

It is a great comfort of me to find this support network, to know that I am part of a wonderful supportive network of women who live nearby. I am looking forward to the next meeting in September.

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  1. Sounds like a great group to be involved in. Hope they provide good support as you go through your IVF. And sure hope you get a sticky BFP this time!