Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Drawer of Hope

If you took a quick glance looked around our home, it would look like that of any other child-free couple - holiday photos, thick novels, delicate glass ornaments on display. Open a few cupboard doors, though, and you would find some clues as to our hopes for the future. The shelf containing books like "The Land of IF". The pre-natal vitamins in the kitchen. The Pregnyl in the fridge. The needles and sharps container in the bedroom.

And if you were to open the very bottom drawer in my husband's wardrobe, you would find our Drawer of Hope. The outfit I bought to tell my husband I was pregnant the first time. The hat we bought before our last IUI.The onesie we picked out when I was pregnant the second time. The clock that would be perfect for the nursery.

We don't open the drawer very often, but I am glad that we have it.


  1. We had a drawer too. You will get to bring all these things our really really soon. I know it!

    I am in love with the clock! We have a lot of owls in Henry's forest nursery!

  2. Wow, just read through your blog from start to end! Must admit I chuckled a bit at how scientific you are, but I like statistics myself, so I do understand!
    Good luck to you, hoping this will work, so that you can move your drawer of hope into a room full of baby stuff!

  3. We have a closet of hope. We have an extra bedroom that I didn't put anything in when we moved in with hopes it'd be a nursery soon. I have a onesie that says, "I love daddy" that I bought with our third IUI. There are three huge tubberwares filled with baby girl clothes my sister gave us and a huge bag of maternity clothes. I never go in that room or that closest. Hopefully soon both of us will be able to take all the stuff out and put it to good use!

  4. Ohhh, this is so great. I can't wait for you to enjoy all of these things outside the drawer! (Also that clock is fantastic!)

  5. I have a drawer too! With a Hungry Caterpillar Baby Book, a couple of little outfits we picked up (we have brought one each IVF cycle as a little indication to the universe that we're ready) and a pair of little socks cos they're just too cute! I love the clock, that's awesome! And yes, I can relate, our house is in no way child proof so we will have alot to do when we do have a baby!