Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hot Flashes or Hot Flushes?

I always thought that they were called "hot flushes" because you became flushed, but it turns out that the more common term in the scientific literature is "hot flashes". Whatever they're called, I have them in spades.

If you see a woman standing in the rain who is stripping down to a t-shirt, it might be me.

CD1 was yesterday, so now I get to simultaneously experience the symptoms of both menstruation and menopause.

Suppression check tomorrow - hoping everything is quiet on the southern front.


  1. Hey, we are on exactly the same schedule (yesterday was CD1 and I go in for monitoring tomorrow)! AND I was just sitting here thinking: is it hot in here? LET'S ROCK THIS IVF, SISTER!

  2. I feel the exact same way. I have been so hot and my DH is freezing with the a/c completely turned up! Today is CD1 for me and tomorrow is my first monitoring appointment to start stims on the 20th. I am right with ya!

  3. Is this your first IVF cycle? I am on my first as well....ready to resume after OHSS. Good Luck!!! And go ahead and strip down to your T-shirt in the rain - no one would dare question you if they have gone through this!

  4. Yep, this is my first IVF cycle, thank-you for the luck :)